TNA Brexit Working Group - February 2017

TNA Brexit Working Group - February 2017

  • TNA Brexit Working Group - February 2017

    Following a recent TNA Board meeting, TNA are setting up a Brexit Working Group. It was felt that particularly with the urgency of the news regarding the triggering of Article 50 likely to be voted on in parliament and actioned in a couple of months, and the unknown process ahead, the industry should be aware of and working on any potential issues, along with contacting national authorities as soon as possible. 

    Initially the following people have agreed to participate:-

    Nick Thomas                                     Chairman                  TNA    Barrow Lane & Ballard       

    Ellie Osman                                       Vice Chair                TNA    Minerva Commodities

    Martin Rome                                      Director                    TNA    Community Foods

    Giles Hacking                                     Director                   TNA    C G Hacking

    Liam O’Gorman                                  Director                  TNA    GLM Trading

    Brijesh Krishnaswamy                        Director                  TNA    Olam  

    Anna Boulova                                     Secretary General            Frucom

    Simon Melik                                        Director                   NDFTA        Besana                

    An initial meeting by conference call will be held in the coming week and members updated as to its outcome and activities.